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Project Description
Fixes up the requests EAC (Exact Audio Copy) makes to freedb to retrieve CD titles and track listings. No more "Error - Server Error"

EAC (a popular free CD ripper at V0.99 prebeta 4 makes bad requests to freedb (see to retrieve CD title and track information. This simple utility sits as a proxy between EAC and Freedb and fixes up the request on the way through.

There is a commandline switch for EAC “-http1.1″ that could resolve the issue without the need for this tool. See June 1, 2005 comment. However, it didn't fix the issue for me.

How to use it
Run the application and click Go. You can modify the port settings if it clashes with something else on your system (but this version won't remember the change for next time).

Configure EAC to have a proxy server using the same port number (under EAC -> Freedb/Database options):


Why does this issue not affect everyone?
I believe this could be because some people are knowingly or unknowingly behind proxy servers that are fixing up the web request on the way through.

Why is this not a windows service so I don't have to keep manually running it everytime?
Because it's not intended to be a solution forever, hopefully EAC team will get round to fixing their application. If I get more than 10 downloads - perhaps there'll be a version 2 :-) (please put a comment in the discussions if this is something you need)

Why do you think this is EACs issue?
I used TCPTrace to intercept the request and freedbs response. Freedb actually gives a better error than the one shown by EAC as "Server Error" and shows the web request is malformed. I even tried intercepting EACs request as an HttpWebRequest (in .NET) but it wasn't welformed enough for this so I had to resort to TCP listener.

What is the actual issue and can I solve it without this tool?
Potentially yes using a proxy server that fixes web requests. I'll try and post this another time, but the issue I found was the request from EAC has a user agent header (as Exact Audio Copy) followed by a get request using HTTP 1.0.

Why did you not even bother changing the standard winform icon?
.. there is no answer that could appease the person who asks this question ...

Are any of these questions really frequently asked?

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